March 22nd, 2023|Categories: Breakfast/BrunchCooking LightFood ColumnsPassoverVegetarian

My mini omelet soufflés can be enjoyed year-round.  Since the ingredients for these mini omelet soufflés are Passover friendly, here they are […]

Passover Pineapple and Honey Glazed Corned Beef

March 21st, 2023|Categories: Food ColumnsMeat and PoultryPassover|Tags: 

Looking to impress on Passover with a great main course? I’ve got you covered with my Pineapple and Honey Glazed Corned Beef.  I posted the recipe […]

Sfinge: Italian Doughnuts Filled with Ricotta

December 21st, 2022|Categories: DessertsDoughnutsHanukkah

These gorgeous pastries are zeppoles aka Italian doughnuts.  They are filled with chocolate chip ricotta cream.  Perfect Hanukkah fried dessert!  Happy Hanukkah! […]

Baked Doughnuts in Record Time

December 20th, 2022|Categories: DessertsDoughnutsHanukkahHolidays

For those who prefer baking to deep fat frying, you will love these doughnuts which use Pepperidge Farm prepared puff pastry.  The doughnuts bake up in 20 minutes.  You can then decorate them with […]

Hanukkah Doughnuts in Record Time/Fried

December 19th, 2022|Categories: DessertsDoughnutsHanukkahHolidays

No time to make doughnuts for Hanukkah? No problem.  You can whip these beauties up in no time, using Pepperidge Farm Puff pastry.  These are much easier to make than sufganiyot and they […]

1-2-3-4- Potato Latkes

December 18th, 2022|Categories: HanukkahSide DishesVegetablesVegetarian

There are so many variations of potato latkes–zucchini, carrot, beet, sweet potato, celery root–just to name a few. But my favorite latkes are […]

Nanny’s Butter Streusel Cake

Nanny’s Butter Streusel Cake

September 23rd, 2019|Categories: Cakes, Desserts|Tags: ,

Since this was the cake that inspired my passion for baking and launched a thousand recipes, it is only fitting that I launch my website with Nanny Fela’s Butter Streusel Cake. My mom baked it often when I was growing up, and I could never resist plucking off the streusel, leaving behind a funny looking pockmarked cake. I could kick myself for not having had the presence of mind to get the recipe from […]