Sfinge: Italian Doughnuts Filled with Ricotta

December 21st, 2022|Categories: DessertsDoughnutsHanukkah

These gorgeous pastries are zeppoles aka Italian doughnuts.  They are filled with chocolate chip ricotta cream.  Perfect Hanukkah fried dessert!  Happy Hanukkah! […]

Baked Doughnuts in Record Time

December 20th, 2022|Categories: DessertsDoughnutsHanukkahHolidays

For those who prefer baking to deep fat frying, you will love these doughnuts which use Pepperidge Farm prepared puff pastry.  The doughnuts bake up in 20 minutes.  You can then decorate them with […]

Hanukkah Doughnuts in Record Time/Fried

December 19th, 2022|Categories: DessertsDoughnutsHanukkahHolidays

No time to make doughnuts for Hanukkah? No problem.  You can whip these beauties up in no time, using Pepperidge Farm Puff pastry.  These are much easier to make than sufganiyot and they […]

1-2-3-4- Potato Latkes

December 18th, 2022|Categories: HanukkahSide DishesVegetablesVegetarian

There are so many variations of potato latkes–zucchini, carrot, beet, sweet potato, celery root–just to name a few. But my favorite latkes are […]

Turkey Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookies

November 22nd, 2022|Categories: Cookies and BiscottiDessertsRosh HashanahThanksgiving|Tags: 

Cookie baking season is upon us!  If you’re a cookie baking aficionado, you will want to add these to your repertoire. This recipe produces a sugar cookie for all […]

Pumpkin Pecan Pie

Pumpkin Pecan Pie

November 22nd, 2022|Categories: DessertsFood ColumnsPies, Tarts and TortesThanksgiving|Tags: 

Pumpkin or pecan?  That is the question.  I adore both pies and when I can’t decide which to bake, I make one pie with a layer each of pumpkin and pecan, and […]

Chocolate Macadamia Nut Biscotti

November 22nd, 2022|Categories: Cookies and BiscottiDessertsFood ColumnsThanksgiving|Tags: 

I recently brought this cookie platter to a dinner party.  From left to right, the cookies are vanilla chocolate chip biscotti, chocolate macadamia […]

Thanksgiving Cornucopia of Roasted Vegetables

Thanksgiving Cornucopia of Roasted Vegetables

November 21st, 2022|Categories: Food ColumnsSide DishesThanksgivingVegetablesVegetarian|Tags: 

I am often asked for suggestions for Thanksgiving side dishes.  This recipe for roasted autumn vegetables is one of my favorite side dishes to make for Thanksgiving and other festive […]

Sweet Potato Banana Casserole

Sweet Potato Banana Casserole

November 20th, 2022|Categories: Side DishesThanksgivingVegetablesVegetarian|Tags: 

This Sweet Potato Pecan Casserole with a Secret Ingredient is a great Thanksgiving Day Side Dish.  It’s make ahead and you can whip it up in no […]

Turkey Roulade

Turkey Roulade

November 20th, 2022|Categories: Food ColumnsMeat and PoultryThanksgiving|Tags: 

I must confess—I am not a big fan of the roasted whole turkey. At a time when I need as much oven space as possible for the multitude […]

Roast Turkey

November 18th, 2022|Categories: Food ColumnsMeat and PoultryThanksgiving|Tags: 

Thanksgiving is the quintessential American holiday enjoyed and celebrated by all Americans.  It is a time when we gather with family and friends to share precious time together and […]

Luzma’s Colombian Penicillin

Luzma’s Colombian Penicillin

November 17th 2022|Categories: Food ColumnsMeat and PoultrySoupsThanksgiving|Tags: 

You’ve heard of Jewish penicillin, but did you know that a Colombian version exists, as well?

To tell you about Colombian penicillin, I’m breaking with tradition this […]

Chestnut Soup

Chestnut Soup

November 16th,2022|Categories: Food ColumnsSoupsThanksgiving|Tags: 

I make this delicious soup once a year at Thanksgiving.  It’s a bit of a production and quite rich, but well worth the time, effort, and calories.  For a real showstopper, serve the soup in a hollowed out […]

Pumpkin Pecan Bundt Cake

October 14th, 2022 | Categories: CakesDessertsSukkot|Tags: 

Here’s a great autumnal cake to serve on Sukkot. Pumpkin pecan cake is one of my favorite go-to autumn cakes. Moist and tender and infused with pumpkin, warm spices and studded with pecans, this cake is the quintessential autumnal dessert.

Pumpkin pecan mini bundt cake is a great make ahead dessert […]

Stuffed Peppers for Sukkot

October 13th, 2022|Categories: Pasta, Rice, GrainsSide DishesSukkotVegetables|Tags:

Stuffed foods are a tradition for Sukkot. In keeping with the concept of abundance and plenitude, stuffed meats, poultry, fruits, and vegetables are often served as a meal in the Sukkah. A colorful medley of bell peppers, filled to the brim with brown and wild rice pilaf is the quintessential side dish to serve on Sukkot.  Bell peppers are sweet and plump and, when hollowed out, provide the perfect vessel for stuffing.  The rice pilaf stuffing is wholesome and nutritious, and it has a toasty, […]

Broccoli Cheddar Soup in a Bread Bowl

October 9th, 2022 | Categories: Soups, Sukkot, Vegetarian | Tags: Broccoli, Cheddar, Comfort Food

One of my favorite soups to serve during Sukkot is Broccoli Cheddar Soup in a Bread Bowl, which I wrote about for the Essex Fells Magazine in October 2015: As the cool weather settles in, and we acclimate to brisk mornings and chilly evenings, our thoughts turn to warm, comforting and nutritious […]

Nanny’s Butter Streusel Cake

Nanny’s Butter Streusel Cake

September 23rd, 2019|Categories: Cakes, Desserts|Tags: ,

Since this was the cake that inspired my passion for baking and launched a thousand recipes, it is only fitting that I launch my website with Nanny Fela’s Butter Streusel Cake. My mom baked it often when I was growing up, and I could never resist plucking off the streusel, leaving behind a funny looking pockmarked cake. I could kick myself for not having had the presence of mind to get the recipe from […]