No time to make doughnuts for Hanukkah? No problem.  You can whip these beauties up in no time, using Pepperidge Farm Puff pastry.  These are much easier to make than sufganiyot and they look and taste amazing.  Happy Hanukkah!


  • vegetable oil for deep fat frying
  • 1 package puff pastry (I use Pepperidge Farm), defrosted overnight in the fridge
  • dark chocolate, melted
  • white chocolate, melted
  • blue and white sprinkles
  • powdered sugar
  • toasted coconut

Pour at least 2 inches of oil into a large, heavy gauge saucepan, and heat the oil to 350 degrees F.

Take one sheet of puff pastry out of the package (each package has two sheets).

Unfold it, and using a 2 ½ to 3 ½ inch donut cutter, cut out as many rounds as possible from the sheet of puff pastry.  If you don’t have a donut cutter, use a round cookie cutter for the large circle and a one inch pastry tube circle for the donut hole.  Place the donut rounds and the holes in the hot oil, several at a time and fry until golden brown, 2 to 4 minutes, turning once.

Remove from the oil with a slotted spoon, and place on paper towels to absorb some of the oil.  Repeat this process with all the donut rounds and holes, and repeat the whole process with the remaining puff pasty sheet.

When the donuts have cooled, ice with melted white and/or dark chocolate and top with sprinkles or toasted coconut.  Or, just sprinkle on some powdered sugar.

Makes 16 to 20 donuts.